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V3 is here!

Smart way of organizing your sandbox/root folder with dynamic search capabilities so no matter how big or how small your sandbox/root folder gets, you can easily find your projects.


This came to mind when I realized how often I would just forget the name or simply had to many folders on my sandbox environment, this is a local site where i just mess around for creating quick prototypes and ideas.

So I created an easy way to display all folders in my sandbox environment with search capabilities.

This has proven a very useful “tool” to have has the years went by for the young developers I have mentored, providing them with an easy and quick way to jump strait into coding while keeping things organized.

Now I have also released a sandbox environment for Docker, where you can use this. Find out more in this repo.

smartsandbox demo

New Features on 3.0


Download the latest release from here or copy the index.php at the root of this repo into your desired location.


Set up a domain on you local machine as and place this index.php at the root level of that domain alternatively you could just place this at the root level of your htdocs if you use software like mamp/xamp/wamp, etc.


If you require legacy browser support check out an older version of this tool here (<v2.1).

That’s it really, all the magic is done with php and javascript.

Found a bug? Want to help to make this tool better? Contact me via Twitter